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The Van Doren Metal Art Workshop is the result of our combined 50 years of experience. As a father/son team, we have a background in all applications of metal art, including forging, casting, soldering, and welding. Together, we have spent the majority of the last 20 years doing large scale, corporate and public metal art installations and water features. Some of our work can be seen here, at our gallery,Van Doren Studio in San Miguel de Allende’s Fabrica Aurora. We continue to produce commission pieces here in Mexico.  Over the years, we have had a resounding and continued interest, from family and friends, to learn the craft of metal art. As the next step in our artistic journey, we decided to open our studio to the public with Van Doren Metal Art Workshops. With these workshops we will pass on our experience and teach interested students the joys of creating with metal. We have a blast working together in the studio, and know that our students will enjoy the experience as well.”



 Alex & Lane Van Doren



“My life’s work has been the production and display of art. Since studying advanced sculpture at California State University, I’ve created many large-scale sculptural commissions for corporate and public installations, as well as water features, entries, paintings and other pieces for homes and private collections. I have done permanent public art works in several locales. My son and I were fortunate enough to have had great success with our artistic endeavors, working for years out of a large studio in California.


“I’ve loved art from a young age, taking every class I could from ceramics to painting and sculpture. At 14, I started doing construction with my dad in Taos, NM and this work  fed my artistic passion as we created a number of multi-media art pieces for the houses we were building. After studying advanced sculpture Lewis and Clark College, my dad and I continued working together to create large scale art pieces for businesses and residences. By ‘large scale,’ I mean fountains, fireplaces and sculptures that were typically 10 to 40 feet in scope. After working for years in California, we have been fortunate enough to be able to continue our commission work here in Mexico, both locally and regionally."


Lane Alex






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